Building Your Baby's Self Esteem

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Building Your Baby's Self-esteem

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Building Your Baby's Self-esteem

11 &12 Months

Do you want baby to grow up thinking she is a good person, able to handle things in life? Do you want her to get along with others and to share her feelings? The way a person feels about herself is called "self-esteem." High self-esteem means feeling good about yourself.

Children with high self-esteem do better in school and in life. Self-esteem begins at home. If you want your child to develop high self-esteem, you have to feel good about your child and let her know.

Try to point out at least five things baby does right each day. You can say, "I like the nice way you are petting the kitty," or, "look at how well you stack those blocks!" or "you are playing with your sister very nicely."

Say, "please," and, "thank you," to your children. Children are people too. When you say please and thank you, they learn to respect themselves and others.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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