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What to Expect of a 10 - 11 Month Old Baby

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What to Expect

10 & 11 Months

Is your baby saying any real words yet? A child just learning to talk often uses one word to mean several different things. Real words are words that mean only one thing.

Even if baby says, "no," and shakes his head back and forth, baby may not know what the word means. He may even say, "no," while really meaning, "yes." don't take all "no's" too seriously.

Don't worry if your baby doesn't seem to do things on schedule. Your baby is unique and will develop on his own timetable. As long as baby is making progress, just enjoy watching him grow.

Some of the major milestones for the 10th month include:

* Crawling up stairs, but maybe not knowing how to get back down.

* Walking when you hold his hand.

* Holding on to furniture to get around a room.

* Feeding himself and holding a cup.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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