Does Your Baby Tease?

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Does Your Baby Tease?

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Is your Baby Teasing You?

10 & 11 Months

Does your baby ever tease you on purpose? Has she ever headed straight for a wastebasket, making sure you notice? Does baby reach for your glasses, almost waiting to hear, "no, no"?

Your child is testing her emotions and yours. She is experimenting to see just where the limits are.

Teaching children to behave has always been a challenge for parents. It's not as much a matter of making baby mind, as it is a process of making it easy for your child to do the right thing.

How can you make it easy? First, don't ask too much of baby. Remember that your child is a baby--don't tempt him with wastebaskets, plants and uncovered outlets.

Give your baby safe toys and places to play. Pick baby up and take her away from dangerous things. Give baby words like "hot," "tastes bad," and "stop" instead of "no" all the time.

Be patient, gentle and understanding, but keep showing baby what you want. If you recognize and accept some behavior as part of babyhood, you're using good judgment.

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