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Household Items Make Great Toys

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Household Items Make Great Toys

10 & 11 Months

Anything your baby likes to play with is a toy. You probably have lots of safe objects to use as toys.

Baby is probably ready for nesting containers - things that fit inside other things. You can use measuring cups or food storage bowls. These let baby practice the ideas of "bigger," "smaller" and "in and out."

Be sure all toys for baby are too large to swallow–at least one and one-half inches in diameter. They should also have no sharp edges and be safe for chewing.

Cut a hole in the top of an oatmeal box into which she can drop large empty thread spools or other round objects. She can take off the lid to get the objects out.

Baby may enjoy larger toys, too. A cardboard box with the ends cut out can be a tunnel.

Children love to do things their parents do. Give the child a toy broom, dusting cloth or other object to do work just like you. Always, the key is to have fun with your baby!

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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