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Learning to Use a Spoon

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Learning to Use a Spoon

10 & 11 Months

Most babies don't learn how to use a spoon until well after their first birthday. The food they try to pick up with a spoon sometimes lands on the floor; but, they are learning, and they need practice to become skillful with a spoon.

Here are some foods that will stick to the spoon when scooped up. Your baby can enjoy them while practicing spoon skills. Try foods like: yogurt; applesauce; mashed potatoes; cooked cereal such as oatmeal, cream of rice or wheat; cottage cheese; macaroni and cheese; mashed cooked beans; and pureed or mashed vegetables or fruits.

If you're worried about baby not getting enough food, try 2 spoons, one for you and one for baby. Give him a mouthful, if he will let you, in between his efforts.

Remember to make mealtimes happy, not frustrating. Hungry babies want to eat. It's up to parents and other caretakers to help babies develop a good attitude about food.

With lots of praise, a little patience and encouragement, baby can learn a wide variety of tastes and textures in new foods.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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