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Being a Role Model for Your Child

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Being a Role Model for Your Child

Tips for Working with Young Children

Children are born without social knowledge or social skills, and they eagerly look for someone to imitate. That "someone" is usually one or both parents. Parents are a child's first teachers and role models. And usually children are more affected by what their parents do than by what their parents say. They learn how to behave by seeing how their mothers and fathers behave and by following their example.

Using social skills is a great way to model positive behavior and boost a child's self-confidence. A child learns good manners more easily when "please" and "thank you" are a part of daily life.

Show respect for others. Parents who regularly put down other people are teaching their children that other people are not important. If you want your child to respect others, then respect your child. Encourage all family members to treat each other with respect.

Being consistent in teaching and setting examples is very important. If you tell your child that he must not hit people and then give him a spanking as punishment for his misbehavior, your child will become confused by the mixed signals.

Parents aren't perfect. We lose our tempers, say things we are sorry for and are not always as kind as we would like to be. We are human. It is important to admit our mistakes, say we're sorry, and show that we try to make things right. Being a positive role model for your children is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do for your child.

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