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Infant Child Care: What to Look For

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Infant Child Care: What to Look For

Child Care

When you place your baby in the care of someone else, be it family child care, a center, a relative or friend, the key to your peace of mind is trust. The more you trust the caregiver, the more secure you will feel. Here are some questions to ask:

Does the caregiver ...

  • have child-rearing attitudes similar to yours?
  • have training to understand what children can and want to do at different stages of growth?
  • spend time holding, playing with, and talking to your baby?
  • have enough time to look after all the children in care?
  • welcome visits from parents at any time?

Does the home or center have ...

  • a license?
  • only a few children?--remember, infants do better in small groups.
  • does the center have a clean and comfortable look?
  • equipment that is safe and in good repair?
  • nutritious meals and snacks, if provided?

Are there chances for children ...

  • to be held, cuddled, rocked, smiled at, and talked to?
  • to relax and rest when they need to?
  • to crawl and explore safely?
  • to play with toys that develop their touch, sight and hearing.
  • and, are there chances for children to learn language through the caregiver talking to the child, naming things, describing what he or she is doing, and responding to the child's actions?

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