Fathers are Important to Babies

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Fathers are Important to Babies

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Fathers are Important to Babies

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Today more and more fathers are taking an active role in raising their children. These fathers not only bring home a paycheck, they also play with baby, feed and change baby, and create a warm, close relationship with baby. More women work outside the home today than in the past. Men are doing more in-home work, including caring for their children. In some two-parent families, the parents work different shifts so one of them is always at home. By taking care of their children each day, fathers have a chance to form a strong, close bond with them.

Even if fathers don't take on a "house parent" role while their partner works, they can still create that close bond with their children. Give each child some special attention each day, paying attention to nothing else, just that child. In this way fathers tell their child that he is important.

Men who try to increase their child-rearing responsibility sometimes feel awkward at first. But, research shows they learn quickly, and they really like it. They like the close feelings, the shared love, with their children. Best of all, many fathers think they become better people by making the effort to care for their young children.

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