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High Chair Safety

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High Chair Safety

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When baby starts to lean forward out of his infant seat, and you're afraid baby will tip over--it's time for a high chair. Here are some things to look for to be sure the high chair is safe for your baby:

**It should be sturdy, with a wide base so it won't tip easily.

High Chair Safety**There should be a seatbelt with a crotch strap to go between baby's legs to keep him from sliding out.

**The tray should lock securely on both sides, with no sharp edges.

**Belt buckles and tray locks should be easy for you to use, but not easy for your baby to use.

**And, the seat should not be slippery. If it is, put rubber bathtub stickers on it so your baby doesn't slide around.

Here are some guidelines for using a high chair:

**Always use the seatbelt and crotch strap.

**Make sure you lock the tray into place.

**Be sure baby's fingers are out of the way when you lock the tray.

**Keep the high chair at least 12 inches away from the counter or table when your baby is in it. Your baby could push off and tip over.

**Always watch your baby closely when he is in the high chair. Some babies have slipped down between the leg straps and choked.

**Don't let your baby stand up in the high chair.

**And, don't let other children climb on the high chair.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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