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Positive Ways to Cope with Hardships

Keeping Your Family First

Hardships strike all individuals and families at one time or another. How we deal with the hardship helps chart our future as an individual and as a family. Here are nine ways to cope with hardships in a positive way.

Acceptance of the hardship. Use energy and resources to meet the demands of the hardship, rather than using up energy in denial.

Avoid blame. Use resources to correct or change the situation, rather than blaming others.

Practice patience. There is a need for conciliation, patience and consideration in times that require cooperation.

Express commitment and affection. Be explicit about feelings, particularly expressions of commitment, affection and praise.

Open communication. Be willing to talk openly about any topic or concern.

Support your family. Enjoy the company of family members. Speak with pride about each other. Bond together to support each other.

Help each other. Be willing to pitch in and help family members by taking on new family roles and duties.

Control anger. Find a positive way to deal with feeling of anger through exercise or quiet time alone.

Reduce stress. Drugs, alcohol and excessive sleep are not ways to reduce stress or avoid the problems.

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