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Welcome to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County Web Announcements.

The home page, http://lancaster.unl.edu, is continually updated. This announcement is for the week of December 18, 2006.


Current Web Site Features - Visit http://lancaster.unl.edu (see descriptions below)

  1. Time-Saving Kitchen Tools for Holiday Gifts
  2. Choose Plants for Winter Beauty
  3. Care & Conservation of Heirloom Textiles
  4. 4-H Scholarships & Awards due Jan 1
  5. Your Business: Records & Bookkeeping
  6. Agriculture & Acreage Resources
  7. January 2007 NEBLINE is On-Line
  8. and more...


Consider using kitchen tools for stocking stuffers! Find gift ideas HERE:


+++++++++++++++ Home Page - http://lancaster.unl.edu ++++++++++++


When planning landscape changes and choosing ornamental plants, people tend to think of how the plants will look during the growing season. Winter accounts for a substantial part of the year. Why not consider adding color and interest to the winter landscape. Learn more HERE:


Here is your Gardening TO-DO List and Tips for this week (See Note Below).

1. Reduce watering of Christmas cactus to prolong the blooming period. *Suggested Resource: Holiday Cacti hort/articles/2003/holidaycacti.shtml

2. Always cut off the faded flowers of amaryllis so no seeds form. *Suggested Resource: Guide to Growing Amaryllis hort/nebline/amaryllis.shtml

3. Dust foliage plants or give them an occasional shower. *Suggested Resource: Success with Houseplants hort/articles/2004/HouseplantSuccess.shtml

4. Winter protection for peonies is necessary only the first winter . *Suggested Resource: Peonies http://www.ianrpubs.unl.edu/epublic/pages/publicationD.jsp?publicationId=508

5. Check dahlia tubers and gladiolus corms in storage. *Suggested Resource: Fall Care for Tender Perennials hort/articles/2003/Tender.shtml

(Note: The TO-DO list activities may or may not be appropriate for your region. If you have questions about your yard and garden, make sure you contact your local university Extension office. If you need help finding your local office, check HERE: office/locate.shtml )

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Textile heirlooms and keepsakes require special care to preserve them for future generations. Learn how to care for these heirlooms HERE:


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Attention High School Seniors: The Lancaster County 4-H program offers a variety of scholarships to graduating seniors. Scholarship applications are due January 1, 2007. Nominations for 4-H Awards and 4-H Clubs of Excellence are also due January 1, 2007. For applications and details, visit 4h/programs/award.htm

If you live outside of Lancaster County, Nebraska, check with your local extension office to explore scholarships and award programs available in your community. To find your local office, visit office/locate.shtml

+++++++++++++++ Home Page - http://lancaster.unl.edu ++++++++++++

**5. YOUR SMALL BUSINESS: RECORDS & BOOKKEEPING Like other aspects of business operations, your records system and bookkeeping activities are a means to the end of having a viable and profitable business. Learn MORE:


{end of Example Listserv message excerpt}

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