Water Treatment Equipment: A Buyer's Guide (ww4_05)

THE WATERWHEEL: A series dedicated to one of our most treasured resources - Water

THE WATERWHEEL - Water Treatment Equipment: A Buyer's Guide

by Don Janssen, UNL Extension Educator

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Water WheelThe purchase of water treatment equipment is a decision that must be carefully considered. There are several key steps to follow when purchasing equipment. These include :

  • Use appropriate water quality tests to correctly identify the problem to be addressed
  • Identify options for correcting the problem
  • Decide whether whole house or single-tap treatment is needed
  • Select a reputable dealer
  • Obtain second opinions
  • Check to see if the equipment has been tested by an independent organization such as the National Sanitation Foundation
  • Talk with others who have the same equipment you may purchase
  • Understand all the costs of the equipment including purchase price, installation, operating and routine required maintenance
  • Understand what maintenance will be required
  • Understand how to determine if the equipment is operating satisfactorily
  • Determine if the system has adequate capacity for your needs
  • Determine the expected life of the equipment
  • Understand any warranty provided with the equipment

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