4-H Horse Awards 2016

The 2016 4-H Horse Awards Night, held Sept. 29, recognized top achievements at the Lancaster County Super Fair and other accomplishments throughout the past year. 4-H volunteer Emily Nolan was Master of Ceremonies. Michaela Bunz, Caraline Higgins and Shyann Severson of Lucky Lopers distributed programs and led the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge. Congratulations to all Lancaster County 4-H horsemen for their achievements in 2016!

Photos from Awards Night are on Flickr


The following 4-H youth received certificates:

Top Incentive Notebook: Shea Frink and Shyann Severson

Outstanding Level III Presentation: Aussia Stander

The Turn Back Around and Help the Next One in Line Award: Bailee Sobotka

The following 4-H youth were verbally recognized and asked to stand:

Outstanding Incentive Work: Rayley Burnside, Christy Cooper, Kate Cooper, Katelyn Erdkamp, Erin Oldemeyer, Cadi Wilbeck

Horsemanship Levels: Madi Brandt, Ashley Clegg, Justine Gall, Chase McIntyre

4-H/FFA Western National Roundup: The Lancaster County Horse Judging team of Nicole Ackland, Katelyn Erdkamp and Madison Sobotka (coached by Roger Bell) earned Overall 7th place, 4th High Team – Performance, 6th High Team Reasons and 8th High Team – Halter. Individually, Katelyn placed 15th overall and Nicole placed 17th overall. Team Nebraska (consisting of Lancaster, Sarpy and Dawson 4-H’ers) earned third High Overall State Award!

Top winners at the statewide 4-H Horse Stampede (see results at http://lancaster.unl.edu/nebline/2016/Jun16/NeblineJun16p7.pdf)

Top winners at the State 4-H Horse Exposition (see results at http://lancaster.unl.edu/nebline/2016/sep16/NeblineSep16p6.pdf)

Top winners at the AKSARBEN 4-H Horse Show: Aubrey Hayes (Champion Senior Western Horsemanship, Champion Senior Western Pleasure, Champion Senior Pole Bending), Cassie Meyer (Reserve Champion Barrels), Emma Sondgeroth (Champion Hunter Hack)

Horse Judging Contest

The Horse Judging Contest (a Lancaster County Super Fair contest) emphasizes how much 4-H members know about horse confirmation as they judge four or more classes of horses. Senior division participants also give oral reasons. Buckles sponsored by the Glenn Umberger family.

Elementary Division: Sophie Schumacher (champion), Alexa Starner (reserve champion), Shea Frink (3rd), Jocelyn Cobb (4th), Cameryn Bellar (5th), Kieran Hayes (6th), Amelia Proffitt (7th)

Junior Division: Ally Quinn (champion), Madi Brandt (reserve champion), Julia Soukup (3rd), Cadi Wilbeck (4th), Sidney Froistad (5th), Miya Higgins (6th), Cally Dorff (7th), Maureen Sughroue (8th), Ellie Bunz and Lauren Kelley (tie 9th place)

Senior Division: Kate Cooper (champion), Jadin Vogler (reserve champion), Madison Sobotka (3rd), Emily Burnside (4th), Mazzii Synder (5th), Bryanna Loudon (6th), Sarina Kyhn (7th), Nicole Ackland (8th)

Horsemanship Advancement Levels

The Nebraska 4-H Horse Project advancement levels are designed to serve as guides for instruction and evaluation of each member’s progress. The correct handling of horses is emphasized from the beginning level to the most advanced level. Each level is a huge accomplishment.

Level I Ground: Maleah Jamison, Allison Kirby, Breanna Kirby, Diamond LeBlanc, Mila Rich, Bridget Smith and Shelbey Sundling

Level I Walk/Trot: Kyra DeBuse, Faith Oldemeyer, Caroline Thompson and Timothy White

Level I: Jocelyn Cobb, Shea Frink, Samantha Fox, Caraline Higgins, Jayme Litchfield, Katie Marsh, Erin Oldemeyer, Amelia Proffitt, Allison Riedman, Sophie Schumacher, Jay Stander, Shyann Severson, Maureen Sughroue and Avery Tonniges

Level II: Anne Cashmere, Jake Clarke, Jocelyn Cobb, Karli Consbruck, Caidell Davis, Eva Erickson, Samantha Fox, Alexia Harre, Lindsay Herrick, Sarina Kyhn, Jayme Litchfield, Chase McInteer, Nicole Pickering, Allison Riedman, Calli Robinson, Sidney Schlesiger, Maddie Schnase, Jay Stander, Maureen Sughroue and Avery Tonniges

Level III: Felicity Bowers, Madi Brandt, Ashley Clegg, Kate Erdkamp, Justine Gall, Miya Higgins, Bryanna Loudon, Tristan Munderloh, Emma Sondgeroth, Aussia Stander and Cadi Wilbeck

Horse Incentive Awards

4-H’ers logged the hours they spent working with or learning about horses. The more hours invested, the more valuable the reward! The Horse Incentive Awards are sponsored by the Lancaster County 4-H Horse Volunteers in Program Service (VIPS) Committee.

Bronze (minimum of 100 hours or points): Michaela Bunz, Emily Cashmere, Eva Erickson, Harper Lawson and Faith Oldemeyer

Silver (minimum of 183 hours or points): Rayley Burnside, Anne Cashmere, Erin Oldemeyer, Ally Quinn, Cadi Wilbeck, Allison Riedman, Alexa Starner, Calli Robinson, Lucy Polk, Emmi Dearmont, Cally Dorff, Lindsay Herrick, Bailey Hampton, Miya Higgins, Kali Maytum, Emma Sondgeroth, Sierra Wilson, Lillie Beach, Julia Soukup, Jocelyn Cobb, Shea Frink, Harper Rosenstiel and Lydia Teegerstrom

Gold (minimum of 366 hours or points, and completed horse record book): Ashley Clegg, Christy Cooper, Kate Cooper, Katelyn Erdkamp, Justine Gall, Aubrey Hayes, Sierra Nelson, Mazzii Synder, Bethany Wachter, Ellie Bunz, Aussia Stander, Megan Danley, Porshe Miller and Shyann Severson

Super Fair Herdsmanship Awards

Herdsmanship at the Lancaster County Super Fair is “the manner in which members care for their animals and display them at the fair.” All exhibitors are expected to care for their horses (feed, water and manure disposal) and cooperate in keeping stalls and alleys clean, neat and attractive.

Small Club -- Blazing Saddles - Leader Shelia Purdum (champion), Salt Valley – Leader Maralee Sobotka (reserve champion)

Large Club -- Boots ‘N’ Hooves - Leader Teresa Brandt (champion), Lucky Lopers - Leader Kate Cruickshank (reserve champion)

Independent -- Ella Gerlach (champion), Mackenzie Robles (reserve champion)

Super Fair Stall Decoration Awards

Clubs and independent members take pride in decorating their stall areas at the Lancaster County Super Fair.

Large Club -- Rock’n Riders and Prairie Stars (champion - a combined effort), Boots ‘N’ Hooves (reserve champion)

Small Club -- Buckles and Bling (champion), Denim N Dust (reserve champion)

Independent -- Chasse McInteer (champion), Res. Ch.-Dana Rademacker (reserve champion)

All-Around Awards

Bluestem All-Around Miniature Horse Award for high point 4-H miniature horse at the Lancaster County Super Fair, sponsored by the Bluestem Miniature Horse Club — Aubrey Hayes (horse “Little Bit O Country Levi”)

Nebraska Dressage Association High Score Dressage Rider Award for high score riders in the 4-H Dressage Show at the Lancaster County Super Fair, sponsored by Nebraska Dressage Association — Jocelyn Cobb (champion) and Sierra Wilson (reserve champion)

Dick and Cookie Confer Top Trail Award for all-around champion of the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H Trail obstacle class — McKenzie Beach

Franklyn Manning All-Around Barrels Award for fastest time in the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H Barrel racing competition — Julia Soukup

All-Around Cowboy/Cowgirl Award — Three age division awards for All-Around Cowboy/Cowgirl at the Lancaster County Super Fair, sponsored by Dr. Adam Gengenbaugh, Chuck Baum and Merial Animal Health. Elementary — Clara Bradbury; Junior — Julia Soukup; Senior — Jadin Vogler

All-Around Ranch Horse Awards — Age division awards for All-Around Ranch Horse at the Lancaster County Super Fair are sponsored by Olive Creek Acres Performance Horses – Brian and Shannon Vogler. Brian Vogler made leather headstalls for the winners. Elementary — Clara Bradbury (horse “Dot”); Junior — Tristan Munderloh (horse “Luke”); Senior — Jadin Vogler (horse “Kenai”)

Lowell Boomer High Point Jumping Award for the all-around champion in the 4-H jumping classes at the Lancaster County Super Fair, sponsored by Hunter Pride 4-H Club — Emma Sondgeroth

Wilhelmina Wittstruck Memorial All-Around Champion Award for Lancaster County Super Fair all-around 4-H champion individual, sponsored by Dwayne and Joan Wittstruck — Clara Bradbury (other finalists were Lillie Beach, McKenzie Beach, Ella Gerlach and Bailee Sobotka)