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"4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills".

The following sites are packed full of fun, educational activities for the entire family or for your 4-H Club

HorselandNew: Horseland and 4-H Weekends on CBS! Interactive games, learning, and fun. Horseland is a show about kids and their horses experiencing adventures with themes of friendship, teamwork, acceptance, and compassion similar to the leadership, citizenship and life skills youth learn through their participation in 4-H. Watch this fun, educational cartoon on Saturday mornings on CBS. WEB SITE | FIND SHOW TIMES US Department of Homeland Security. You're already a great planner! Every day you get your homework done, get to music or sports practice on time, and plan where and when you'll meet up with friends. But how do you get prepared for emergencies?

Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration and Seasonal Changes. Journey North is the nation's premiere "citizen science" project for children. The general public is also welcome to participate.

MyPyramid for Kids: Blast Off Game. As shown on national television, this interactive computer game helps kids can reach Planet Power by fueling their rocket with food and physical activity. "Fuel" tanks for each food group help students keep track of how their choices fit into MyPyramid.

Welcome to AutoTown. Welcome to AutoTown. Teens learn what it takes to buy their first car in this interactive resource from University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

Lincoln City Libraries - Just for Kids

4-H Embryology "Egg Cam": Watch chicks, ducks, peacocks, turkeys and more hatch on-line. UNL Extension in Lancaster County.

4-H Virtual Farm: You'll learn how your favorite foods get from the farm to your plate or lunch box. Earn "virtual ribbons"

A Guide to the Business of Babysitting: Want to start your own babysitting business? Visit this site to learn what you need to know to become a great babysitter! (University of Illinois)

Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along (University of Illinois)

Learn to Walk in My Shoes: Learn what it feels like to be older and what happens to our bodies as we age. (University of Illinois)

Monarch Watch - The University of Kansas Entomology Program: Learn about Monarch Butterflies and track their annual migrations.

The Great Plant Escape: Join Detective LePlant and his partners Bud and Sprout as they uncover the mysteries of plant life. (University of Illinois)

My First Garden: Learn how to plan, nurture and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful flower or vegetable garden. (University of Illinois)

The Adventures of Herman the Worm. Let Squirmin' Herman the Worm teach you all about worms and how to make your own worm bin. (University of Illinois)

Sci4Kids: USDA Agricultural Research Service

Reptiles and Amphibians of Nebraska. Test your knowledge of frogs, toads, turtles, lizards and snakes that live in Nebraska. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension)

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