4-H Table Setting Virtual Contest

This year’s 4-H Table Setting Contest will be held virtually. Open to all 4-H’ers ages 8–18. Need not be enrolled in a specific project. This page has information about the changes related to becoming virtual.

A how-to handout, "4-H Table Setting Virtual Contest – Procedures and Guidelines" NOW POSTED HERE in pdf format and at the Extension office. This handout includes virtual entry information. All participants are strongly encouraged to read the handout.

Register by Monday, July 13, 4:30 p.m. by calling the office at 402-441-7180. You must give the age of youth (by January 1 of the current year) and category (picnic, casual, formal or birthday) they will be entering. There is no entry form.

The submitted short videos showing the overall view will be used to create a public online Table Setting Showcase. 4-H families will be notified when the public link is posted at http://lancaster.unl.edu/4h/fair. Note: To be in the public online Table Setting Showcase, 4-H youth must have image permission checked “yes” in 4-HOnline. Videos of youth without image permission will not be including in the public showcase.

Ribbons and trophies will be available for pick-up after fair.

clipboard with 4-H emblem icon

2020 Virtual Table Setting Video Entries Due July 20, 11:59 p.m.

This year, instead of an in-person contest, families must record TWO videos of the 4-H’ers Tablet Setting and submit by Monday July 20, 11:59 p.m. Youth should dress in costume and prepare as they would for an in-person contest.

  • The only file formats that will be accepted include: .mp4, .mov or .avi.
  • Recommended resolution is 720 x 1280 pixels.
  • Videos may be recorded with a smartphone, camera with movie capability, camcorder, etc. A tripod would be helpful. A microphone would improve audio. It may be helpful to record a test and listen to confirm audio is clear.
  • Hold recording device vertically (vertical/portrait view).
  • Set up table in front of a neutral background with good lighting on your face and table.
  • Decrease or eliminate background sounds.
First Video (30 seconds to 1 minute overall view):

This video should show the overall view of your table and you in costume. Prepare your table and dress as you would if it was an in-person contest. This video may be viewed by the judge and public (see Public Online Table Setting Showcase on page 3 of the handout).

  • You will need one person to help film you and your table.
  • With pleasant facial expressions, clearly introduce yourself using your first name only (do not say last name), 4-H age, table theme and table category.
  • 4-H’er remain standing in one spot as videographer slowly moves the camera and captures an overview of the table, including each item — centerpiece, menu, table setting and décor items. Finish by moving camera to the front for a full frontal view of table and 4-H’er.
Second Video (5 minute-presentation for the judge):

This will be your 5-minute presentation for the judge. This video will NOT be viewed by the public.

  • You will need two people to help with this video; one to film and another to be a ‘stand-in’ judge.
  • The ‘stand-in’ judge will sit in a chair next to your table and off to the side as to not block the view of your table during your presentation. This person will remain quiet while listening. This person will not ask any questions at the end of your presentation.
  • Each presenter needs to say their full name at the beginning of the video so the judge knows who they are judging.
  • Be sure to show your enthusiasm and personality while giving your table presentation.

The Box links below are the preferred method of uploading Table Setting videos, but entries may be submitted as YouTube videos and nearly any other virtual sharing method. Email kristin.geisert@unl.edu if you submit videos by any method other than Box.

Allow for long upload times for video files