This year’s 4-H Fashion Show will be held virtually. See 4-H & FFA Fair Book page 16 for contest information. This page has information about the changes related to becoming virtual.

A how-to handout, "4-H Fashion Virtual Show – Procedures and Information" is available here in pdf format and at the Extension office. This handout includes virtual entry information as well as how to walk in your submission video. All participants are strongly encouraged to read the handout.

Register by Monday, July 13. Forms are on the 4-H at Super Fair page, Submit sewn garment paper entry forms with fabric swatches by mail (clearly marked “Fashion Show” on the outside envelope) OR drop off at the Extension office (placed inside a clear, plastic resealable bag marked “Fashion Show”). Please email Shopping in Style (with a photograph), Attention Shoppers and Clover Kids entries to

The submitted videos will be used to create a 4-H Cyber Runway Show available for public online viewing which will include the announcements of ribbons, awards, state fair qualifiers and champions — taking the place of an ‘in-person’ show. Note: To be in the public online Cyber Runway Show, 4-H youth must have image permission checked “yes” in 4-HOnline. Videos of youth without image permission will not be including in the public show. 4-H families will be notified when the public video link is posted at

Ribbons and trophies will be available for pick-up after fair.

clipboard with 4-H emblem icon

2020 Virtual Fashion Show Video Entries Due July 20

Video entries of youth as well as Clover Kids walking in their garments need to be submitted by Monday, July 20, 11:59 p.m.

  • The video should be about 60 seconds in length.
  • Recommended resolution is 720 x 1280 pixels.
  • The only file formats that will be accepted include: .mp4, .mov or .avi.
  • You will need two people to help with this; one to record the video and another to read your narration during filming. But if two are not available, one person can do both.
  • Videos may be recorded with a smartphone, camera with movie capability, camcorder, etc. A tripod would be helpful. A microphone would improve audio. It may be helpful to record a test and listen to confirm audio is clear.
  • Be sure to read your 60–70 word narration slowly during walking. Include the 4-H’ers first and last name in the narration. It does not need to fill the entire length of the video.
  • Choose a pleasing background with a concrete sidewalk, about 6–7 square sections (use concrete driveway if a sidewalk is not available)
  • Choose a day to video with good lighting but not direct lighting and shadows on your face and garment.
  • Videographer will film the entire video standing in the same spot — a place when you are closest to the camera, where your entire figure is captured when doing the turns.
  • Hold recording device vertical ONLY (vertical view).

The Box links below are the preferred method of uploading presentation videos, but entries may be submitted as YouTube videos and nearly any other virtual sharing method. Email if you submit videos by any method other than Box.