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In Lancaster County, Nebraska, nearly 4,000 third graders in 175 classrooms at 53 schools incubate, candle and watch eggs hatch as part of the 4-H Embryology School Enrichment program. We have put together resources to help teachers set up incubators and make a simple brooding box for their classrooms.

NEW Poster: Growth chart from chick to chicken! This is a printable 17"x22" poster for use in classrooms, with 4-H/FFA and more. Free resource from UNL Extension in Lancaster County. (updated 5/9/2014) View & Download Poster

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Lancaster County, Nebraska
4-H Embryology Resources

Links to Schools: There are many schools participating in Embryology-related Projects. If you would like your school's web site listed, show your teacher this web site and ask him or her to contact us. We'll be happy to share your project!

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