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Movie Clips - Hatching Movie Clip #2 - Getting Started

The movie does take a little while to load over a dial-up connection. There isn't a "count down" - the movie will appear in the box below when fully loaded - (553KB). While waiting for the movie to load, read about what you'll see and view photos below.

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It's Hatching Time! The chick uses its egg tooth to pip (break or chip) almost all the way around the inside of the shell. This can take a long time and it is a lot of work for such a tiny chick. Inside the egg, the chick pips at the shell, rests, then trys to pip again and rest some more. When it is ready, the chick kicks off the egg shell and flops out of the shell all wet and tired. It will take many hours before the chick is dry and fluffy.

What you are going to see in the Movie Clip: This chicken is hatching on the twenty-first (21) day. When you watch the movie:

  • Do you see the 21-day old chicken pushing inside the egg? It rests, pushes a little, then a little harder, then rests again.
  • Do you see how hard the chick is working? Look at how heavy it is breathing.
  • Look closely at the egg shell and as the chick pushes, you can see the membrane of the egg. You can also see the membrane move as the chick breathes.

Problems Viewing the Video: Check to make sure you have Windows Media Player and the right plug-ins. This is a test movie and we will continue to work on a format that most everyone can view easily so if you can't get it this time, check back. MAC users: Try using Apple's Quicktime Plug-in

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