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Movie Clips - Candling Day 6

When the movie starts - here is what you'll see: This embryo is six (6) days old. Eggs are candled to see how the growing embryos are doing. We candle by holding the egg up to a very bright light in a dark room. The light doesn't hurt the embryo. When you watch the movie, see if you notice:

  • An "X" on the egg shell - we mark the eggs with an X to help us know which side of the egg needs turned.
  • The air sac inside the egg.
  • A network of blood vessels (appears orange in the light)
  • A dark spot inside the egg - that is the baby chick's eye
  • The 6-day old chicken embryo moving around inside the egg

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Photos of a 6 Day Old Chicken Embryo:

PHOTO 1: Do you see the shadow of the embryo in this egg? Look for the dark spot. If you need help, see PHOTO 3 in the last box (Click on the image for a larger view)

Candling - Click on image for larger view

PHOTO 2 - EMBRYO: Here is what the embryo would look like if you removed it from the egg. Can you find the eyes, the beak and the wings?

Chicken Embryo at the 7th Day of Development

PHOTO 3. (PHOTO 1 + PHOTO 2 = PHOTO 3): The picture of the embryo (Photo 2) was added to PHOTO 1. Now you can see how the embryo inside the egg really looks. Compare the pictures. (Click on image for larger view)

Candling - Click on image for larger view

More Movies and Photos:

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