4-H Council

2018 4-H Council Members
Comprised of adult and youth volunteers, 4-H Council represents the interests of youth, parents and leaders.

About the Lancaster County 4-H Council

Lancaster County 4-H Council represents the interests of youth, parents, and leaders. 4-H Council is responsible for determining long- and short-term goals and policy for Lancaster County 4-H. They also raise funds by operating a food booth at the Lancaster County Fair. These funds help support 4-H programs, activities, and scholarships. Extension Educator Tracy Anderson is the staff liaison. Here is this year's 4-H Council:

Lancaster County 4-H Council Application for New Members

2017-2018 4-H Council Members:


  • Mitch Sump (President and ex officio Extension Board representative)
  • Bailee Gunnerson (Vice-President)
  • Cathy Babcock (Treasurer)
  • Madison Schnase (Secretary)


Ellie Babcock, Jodi Freeman, Brandy Gunnerson, Madi Hall, Sara Hansen, Sheri Ramirez, Sydney Schnase, Anna Sump, David Swotek and Karol Swotek

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