4-H Achievement Celebration - 2015

4-H Achievement Celebration

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A celebration of the 4-H Year

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4-H Achievement Celebration

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County and 4-H Council presented the Lancaster County 4-H Achievement Celebration on Feb. 10. 4-H'ers, 4-H clubs and 4-H leaders were recognized for their 2014 achievements. Lancaster County 4-H congratulates all 4-H youth who commit themselves to excellence! We also thank all 4-H volunteers who donate their time and talents to youth!



Presented to 4-H'ers who have completed the most hours of community service. Award recipients receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

Age 14 and over: Morgan Bodfield, Valerie Gabel, Victoria Garza, Sophie Gengenbach, Bailee Gunnerson, Austin Hurt, Brooke Kreikemeier, Emma Lanik, Kylee Plager, Paige Roach, Sheridan Swotek, Addison Wanser, Max Wanser

Age 13 and under: Sophia Bonifant, Thomas Cook, Nathan Gabel, Elizabeth Garza, Kyle Hurt, John Swotek, Bethany Wachter, Kamryn Wanser, Alyssa Zimmer


Career Portfolios are a record of an individual's 4-H career. It includes a record of personal growth and leadership experiences related to the knowledge learned, skills gained, and community service/volunteer activities experienced through 4-H. Award recipients receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

Career portfolio Recipients:

  • Ellie Babcock: Consumer & Family Science
  • Sophie Polk: Communication & Expressive Arts

Nominated to represent Lancaster County at District competition:

  • Kayla Humphrey: Consumer & Family Science
  • Abigail Babcock: Healthy Lifestyles Education
  • Lucy Polks: Animal Science


This Lancaster County Super Fair award is awarded to individuals who enter the same dog in obedience, showmanship, and agility and earns a ribbon in each area.

Jacob Chipps, Emmi Dearmont, Peggy DeLancey, Kalea Harwood, Maleah Jamison, Spencer Peters, Sidney Schlesiger, Emely Troy


The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program is a statewide program which encourages 4-H members to engage in a variety of projects and activities. Every 4-H'er who participates can earn recognition! At the beginning of the 4-H year, youth choose goals from a provided list, and at the end of the 4-H year, complete a report which documents their accomplishments. Youth can progress from Level 1 up to Level 6.

Level 1 - Amethyst: Samuel Babcock, Clare Bauman, Jonathan Cook, Aleyna Cuttlers, Monica Hanus, Alyson Gubbels, Grace Gordon., Ella Hendricksen, Cecilia Howell, Kylie Hansen, Lillian Johnson, Abigail Kreifels, Madelyn Kreifels, Delaney Meyer, Luke Nebel, Connor Nielsen, Claire Polk, Emily Rogers, John Rogers, Lauren Shafer, Claire Sobansky, Paul Sobansky, Claire Wackel

Level 2 - Aquamarine: Steven Aden, Mindy Bartels, Toby Becker, John Boesen, Chloe Bohaty, Ellie Bunz, Kali Burnham, Thomas Cook, Sarah Cunningham, Celia Faith, Sydney Gubbels, Rose Jaros, Grant Johnson, Gregory Johnson, Sara Kreikemeier, Sarah Logan, Megan Neal, Riley Peterson, Sophie Polk, Isaac Rogers, Eliese Kay Schwinck, Jackson Stander, Jay Stander, Drake Von Seggern

Level 3 - Ruby:Nathan Becker, Greta Nebel, Abbie Russman, Anna Sump, John Sump, David Swotek, John Swotek

Level 4 - Sapphire: Eliana Babcock, Kayla Humphrey, Jared Nielsen, Lucy Polk,  Addison Wanser

Level 5 - Emerald:Abigail Babcock, Valerie Gabel, Brooke Kreikemeier, Emma Lanik, Caleb Nielsen,  Alyssa Zimmer


Nebraska 4-H Clubs of Excellence have met the criteria outlined by the State 4-H Office to be considered a "Club of Excellence." Some of the criteria includes: choose/elect youth officers, have one club project they do together, and complete one community service project.

  • 4-H Explorers
  • Denim n' Dust
  • Explorers
  • Fantastic 4
  • Fusion 4-H'ers
  • Go Go Goat Getters
  • Joe's Clover Knights
  • Pick-A-Pig
  • Rabbits R Us
  • Rock Creek Ranchers
  • Rock n' Riders
  • Shamtastic Clovers
  • Super Shamrocks


Lancaster County 4-H member Abby Babcock placed 4th individually to lead Nebraska to the runner-up spot in the National 4-H Horticulture Contest held in October in Lexington, Ky. Abby was joined on the Nebraska team by Everett Henry and Darien Henry of Omaha and Katharine Schudel of North Loup who joined for the Horticulture Connections competition.

  • Nebraska 4-H team – 2nd High Overall State Award: Abby Babcock


This January, several Lancaster County 4-H horse youth represented Nebraska at the National 4-H Horse Classic at the 4-H/FFA Western National Roundup in Denver, Colorado.

Lancaster County Judging Team – 3rd High Overall, Reserve Champion Halter, 5th Place in Reasons and Performance: Caitlin Davis(9th High individual), Hailey Hula (10th high individual), Nicole McConnell (17th high individual, 10th high in Halter), Kate Rawlinson (12th High individual, 4th in Halter, 10th in Reasons) – Coached by Roger Bell

Team Nebraska – 3rd High Overall State Award consists of 4-H'ers from Lancaster, Douglas/Sarpy and Dawson Counties


To encourage participation in the county fair, Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club awards traveling trophies to the top 4-H clubs participating in the Lancaster County Super Fair. One category winner is awarded the Wayne C. Farmer memorial cup as the overall Outstanding 4-H Club for the year. Clubs receive points based on all members' total county fair exhibit and contest placings. The Outstanding 4-H Clubs were also recognized at a Kiwanis meeting.

Category I (membership of 5-10 members) & winner of the Wayne C. Farmer Memorial Cup: Fusion 4-H'ers (Leader: Marsha Prior)

Category II (membership of 11-14): Happy Go Lucky (Leader: Scott Heinrich)

Category III (membership of 15 or more): South Prairie Wranglers (Leader: Andy Dearmont)


Each year, Lancaster County 4-H selects 4-H members to be awarded National Leadership Awards (formerly I Dare You awards) on behalf of the American Youth Foundation. Lancaster County 4-H Council pays the award fees. The award recognizes youth ages 15–18 who strive to be their personal best and make a positive difference in their schools, youth groups, 4-H clubs, and communities. Award recipients receive William H. Danforth's motivational book I Dare You! Winners: Austin Hurt, Sheridan Swotek


Presented to individuals 14 years of age or older who have excelled in his/her involvement with the Lancaster County 4-H program. Selection is based on participation in a wide variety – and depth of – 4-H activities.

Winners: Kylee Plager, Paige Roach, Max Wanser


Presented to individuals or organizations who have exhibited consistent and strong support of the Lancaster County 4-H program: Roger Bell


The Lancaster County 4-H program offers a variety of college scholarships to active senior 4-H members.

Lancaster County 4-H Council: Awards twelve $750 scholarships to active Lancaster County 4-H'ers: Ivy Dearmont, Madeline Gabel, Victoria Garza, Anne Greff, Austin Hurt, Bailey Johnson, Kylee Plager, Jacob Pickrel, Paige Roach, Renae Sieck, Trevor Spath, Max Wanser

4-H Teen Council: Awards $250 scholarships to current 4-H'ers who are active in Teen Council: Madeline Gabel, Jacob Pickrel, Kylee Plager, Renae Sieck, Max Wanser

Lincoln Center Kiwanis: Awards a $1,000 scholarship to current high school senior who is active in 4-H: Renae Sieck

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2015 4-H SENIORS: Marrissa Allsman, Josie Ang, Ceirra Austin, Kristen Benes, Shelby Blake, Morgan Bodfield, Paige Borcherding, Zachary Brandenburgh, Kailee Brown, Joseph Buresh, Morgan Chipps, Katie Cook, Ivy Dearmont, Joshua Dilley, Allison Docter, Brenna Doeschot, Mary Dowd, Allison Ediger, Mia Everding, Emily Flanagin, Ellen Friesen, Maddie Gabel, Victoria Garza, Yahsmin Gorji, Anne Greff, James Griess, Philip Hanigan, Megan Hansen, Tyler Hattan, Rebecca Hayward, Justin Hennessy, Joshua Hoover, Joshua Hornung, Austin Hurt, Bailey Johnson, Aubrey Kelley, Krynne Knopik, Codie Kraus, Sydni Lienemann, Taylon Lienemann, Lucy Long, Hunter Long, Bryanna Loudon, Austin Lowell, Hunter McCuistion, Natalie Meckel, Charles Metzger, Genevieve Moyer, Amanda Nelson, Sierra Nelson, Molly Noel, Dona Ostojic, Lena Ostransky, Logan Parde, Sarah Peeks, Jacob Pickrel, Kylee Plager, Jeralyn Poe, Shelby Polk, Cassi Pomajzl, Audrey Rich, Paige Roach, Zachary Roland, Brianna Sander, Cameron Scheele, Sarah Schelke, Madison Schmidt, Dylan Schmidt, Micah Scholl, Sydney Scow, Makenna Sheldon, Renae Sieck, Bailee Sobotka, Tory Soucie, Jaime Stephenson, Benjamin Stirtz, Abigail Tinnean, Maddie Tolly, Bailey Vogler, Sierra Wagner, Max Wanser, Heather Welch, Aaron Williamson, Emily Wood, Mary Wood, Taylor Woods, Kylee Yakel, Haley Zabel

3 YEAR MEMBERS: Jake Aberg, Alaina Agnew, Dani Allen, Karen Andelt, Keaton Anthony, Amber Arnold, Abigail Baack, Samuel Babcock, Margaret Barie, Annie Barie, Stevie Bayne, Cristina Becher, Daniel Becher, Payton Becwar, Presley Becwar, Garrett Beeck, Emily Bender, Chase Bigler, Riley Black, Taylor Black, Ben Blankenbiller, Lauren Boerger, Emma Botelho, Nelson Brandt, Madi Brandt, Alexander Buescher, Kali Burnham, Abby Carey, Ryan Carey, Linara Carlson, Keren Carlson, Meredith Carney, Megan Carthel, Molly Chapman, Mollie Clarke, Isabel Clarke, Hallie Clarke, Sarah Cunningham, Carmen Curtis, Brett Daberkow, Megan Danley, John DeFord, Julianna Densberger, Cali DePalma, Bryce Doeschot, Madison Duran, Eliana Ediger, Kara Ediger, Sydnee Eickhoff, Grant Elstun, Holdyn Elstun, Thoren Farabee, Dannen Farabee, Jemma Farabee, Aksel Farabee, Caroline Fortenberry, Vally Franklin, Joshua Friesen, Mason Gaver, Sophie Gengenbach, Tobias Giesbrecht, Jacob Goers, Brysen Goracke, Lincoln Graham, Carissa Gregory, Megan Grube, Alyson Gubbels, John Haase, Grace Haase, Joy Haase, Faith Haase, Nicolas Halleen, Hannah Hames, Kylie Hansen, Jayden Harper, Alexia Harre, Lauren Havlat, Laci Havlat, Nathan Hayes, Joseph Hayes, Aaron Hayes, Makayla Hayes, Samantha Haynes, Traven Heiser, Cory Henrickson, Aaron Henrickson, Jared Henrickson, Cyanne Heusinkvelt, Jacob Heusinkvelt, Kyrsten Hickman, Alexis Hickman, Caraline Higgins, Gabriel Hiltgen, Katie Hoesche, Courtney Hoff, Jordyn Hoff, Hannah Hoge, Micah Hollingsworth, Becky Hooper, Shane Humphrey, Josephine Jansen, Rose Jaros, Cecilia Jaros, Nick Jensvold, Clara Johnson, Kayci Johnston, Zoe Johnston, Cade Jordan, Avery Juedes, Jenoa Jurgens, Ceelya Jurgens, Madelyn Kampfe, Carlton Kampfe, Kaleb Kempkes, Olivia Kerrigan, Carman Kinkaid, Karter Kinkaid, Tanner Klein, Daria Knezevic, Vana Knezevic, Ryan Kraus, Isaiah Kroese, Natalie Krutz, Renae Landon, Katelyn Landretti, Heather Lange, Jonah Lanik, Samuel Lanik, Gianna LaPlante, John Paul LaPlante, David LaPlante, Abigail Lauder, Harper Lawson, Tess Lawson, Carly Leupold, Luke Lewandowski, Libby Lewandowski, Emma Lichtenfeld, Adelade Little, Dylan Little, Martin Little, Simon Little, Maryann Lloyd, Mary Long, Madelyn Loucks, Braxton Lyons, Adan Mack, Jayden Madden, Mason Madden, Katherine Malina, Kyra McCarthy, Savanna McCombs, Jacey McConnell, Kelly McKeegan, Claire Meinke, Evan Merrell, Benjamin Meyer, Georgia Meyer, Porshe Miller, Rachel Moeller, Timothy Moeller, Kiara Moran, Luke Moser, Hopkin Moser, Marlee Moss, Sean Neal, Hannah Neville, Connor Nielsen, Nicole ODonnell, Calin Ortiz, Elijah Page, Ben Pageler, Joey Pageler, Grahm Peschel, Jonathan Plautz, Jeralyn Poe, Isaiah Pomajzl, Noah Pomajzl, Ally Quinn, Jewel Reif, Sammy Reif, Hannah Reiter, Jackson Reiter, Lauren Robertson, Carley Rubenking, Phillip Rushman, Lily Russman, Tylre Sampson, Calissa Sanks, Kaden Sanks, Sidney Schlesiger, Lanie Schlueter, Margaret Schott, Dani Schreiber, Cole Schroder, Gemma Seevers, Gracelyn Seevers, Linsey Sheldon, Jacob Skoda, Carter Smith, Corynn Smith, Zander Snodgrass, Mazzii Snyder, Mary Soden, Abby Soden, Jillian Soden, Andrew Sondgeroth, Carli Sorge, Kaleb Sorge, Tory Soucie, Julia Soukup, Grace Spaulding, Liberty Spaulding, Aussia Stander, Cecilia Sterns, Skylar Sterns, Landon Stout, Claire Strong, John Sump, Emma Sutko, Wayne Svoboda, Garrett Tachovsky, Johnathan Terry, Katie Timmer, Emma Timmer, John Tines, Easton Towle, Emely Troy, Carson Truax, Stella Uiterwaal, ArielleAnne Umphreys, Ayla VanAsperen, Claire Wackel, Alesandra Wahnee, Graciana Wahnee, Chloe Wegner, Elayna Wegner, Samuel Wegner, Ace Weiand, Adelaide Weiand, Lane Welch, Madalyn Wells, Cadi Wilbeck, Jenna Wilson, Morgan Wohl, Taylor Woods

2 YEAR LEADERS: Jodi Anderson, Chelsea Beach, Laurie Bellinghausen, Carol Brown, Karen Cooper, Renae Dahlman, Frank Egelhoff, Darwin Eucker, Tisha Friesen, Mary Gansemer, Sherry Harper, Ann Kirby, Susan Kroeger, Anne Loudon, Lori McCarthy, Angie Messerer, Jordan Messerer, David Morgan, Dawn Pointer, Ellie Sampson, Jonna Sipp, Jami Spaulding, Ryan Spaulding, Margaret Traudt, Tamara Weber, Deb Welch, Lauren Willis

5 YEAR LEADER: Tina Sondgeroth

10 YEAR LEADERS: Carmen Cochrane, Robert Dresser, Leia Noel, Karol Swotek



Regional Speech & PSA Contest - Several Lancaster County 4-H'ers participated in the Southeast Regional Speech and Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contests. The following received purple ribbons.

  • Senior Speech: Sheridan Swotek (2nd place medal)
  • Intermediate Speech: Megan Lange (1st place medal)
  • Junior Speech: Grace Spaulding, Sadye Daniel
  • Intermediate PSA: Nate Becker (2nd place medal)
  • Junior PSA: John Boesen (4th place medal), Riley Peterson (5th place medal)

State Fair Presentations Contest: The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair Presentations Contest. *Indicates purple ribbon at state:

  • Nathan Becker,* Taylor Nielsen* (team), Ellie Babcock*, Valerie Gabel*, Nathaniel Gabel*, Addison Wanser, Max Wanser
  • Abigail Babcock*, Rose Ingracia* (Outstanding Illustrated Presentation statewide top seven)


Premier Animal Science Events (PASE): In this statewide contest, teens test their skills in animal science.

  • Michaela Clowser (Senior) – 6th place overall individual, 5th in beef, 10th in reasons
  • Trevor Spath (Senior) – 4th place overall swine, 6th in sheep/goat
  • Sydni Lienemann (Senior) – 9th place overall in sheep/goat
  • Livestock Judging Intermediate Team: Katherine Cooper, Rachel Lange, and Colter Tietjen placed 6th high overall team, 8th in beef, 2nd in sheep/goats, 5th in swine and 6th in reasons
  • Rachel Lange (Intermediate) – 13th place overall Individual, 3rd in sheep/goats, and 9th in reasons

Life Challenge: In this statewide contest, teens test their skills in family and consumer sciences.

  • Jaime and Julia Stephenson – winner Best Overall Toy in the Child Development Challenge


  • Abigail Babcock, Emma Noel, and Mary Dowd (Team) – Horticulture Contest (3rd place overall)
  • Cole Cooper – Commercial Meat Breeds (Reserve Champion)
  • Joshua Dowd – Tree Identification Contest (7th place)
  • Mary Dowd & Sophia Swanson (team) – Foods Event - Senior (3rd place)
  • Madeline Gabel – Interview Judging (3rd place)
  • Kylie Gana – Division I Barrow (Champion)
  • Cassie Meyer – Dairy Cattle Ages 10-13 (Reserve Champion); Crossbred (Grand Champion)
  • Kylee Plager – Interview Judging (5th place)
  • Jackson Settles – Suffolk Sheep (Reserve Champion)
  • Madelyn Scott – Sheep Showmanship - Senior (Champion)
  • Riley Scott – Sheep Showmanship - Intermediate (3rd Place)

STATE FAIR FASHION SHOW & SHOPPING IN STYLE: The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair Fashion and Shopping in Style Contests. *Indicates purple ribbon at state:

  • Fashion Show: Yahsi Gorji, Bailee Gunnerson, Chloe Hammond, Kylee Plager, Haley Zabel*
  • Shopping in Style: Chloe Hammond

Sheridan Swotek's Quilt from Quilt Quest was selected for display at the Robert Hillestand Textile Gallery on UNL East Campus Oct. 20 - Nov. 8.


The Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Stock Show has competitors from eight states. The following local youth earned purple ribbons. (Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Horse Show top placings were recognized at Horse Awards Night)

  • Ashtyn Cooper – Market Beef
  • Cole Cooper – 2 Market Lambs, Market Lamb – Showmanship
  • Allison Docter – Market Lamb
  • Brysen Goracke – Feeder Calf
  • Peyton Goracke – 2 Feeder Calves
  • Madelyn Scott – Market Lamb – Challenge (Champion), 2 Market Lambs
  • Riley Scott – Market Lamb, Market Lamb – Showmanship (Champion)

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