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About 4-H in Lancaster County, Nebraska

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About Lancaster County 4-H

Open to all youth ages 5-18, the Nebraska Extension 4-H youth development program emphasizes learning-by-doing. Lancaster County 4-H is a partnership between the Lancaster County government and Nebraska Extension.

4-H develops:

*PRACTICAL SKILLS such as public speaking, science, cooking, photography, horticulture, taking care of animals and money management.

*LIFE SKILLS such as goal setting, problem solving, critical thinking, healthy choices, communication, teamwork and leadership.

Lancaster County 4-H Opportunities:

4-H Clubs: Lancaster County has more than 80 4-H clubs which range from 5 to 60 members. Each club is led (or co-led) by adults. Youth choose officers to lead meetings. In most clubs, members complete several projects a year. Some 4-H clubs focus on one particular project area, such as rabbits.

Independent Members: With increasingly busy schedules, more and more youth are becoming independent 4-H members. Youth and families work independently on 4-H projects.

Projects: Youth can choose from numerous 4-H projects. Project manuals are developed by experts and most project manuals have leader guides.

Educational Events: 4-H staff organize workshops, contests, leader trainings and events such as Clover College.

4-H at the Lancaster County Super Fair: Many 4-H youth choose to exhibit their project(s) and participate in contests during the Lancaster County Super Fair held at the Lancaster Event Center. Ribbons are awarded according to merit. The Lancaster County Agricultural Society awards premium monies according to exhibit class and ribbon placing.

Clover Kids: 4-H members ages 5-7 (by January 1 of the current year) are considered "Clover Kids." Clover Kids may participate in a variety of project areas and exhibit at the fair. Clover Kids is not competitive and focuses on participation.

Leadership Opportunities: Several opportunities are available to youth, including the 4-H Teen Council leadership club, youth members and officers on 4-H Council, teens helping younger 4-H members, and more.

School Enrichment: Many Lancaster County schools have integrated 4-H School Enrichment programs in their classrooms. 4-H programs for classrooms include: Garbology (K-2 grades), Embryology (3rd grade), Ag Awareness Festival (4th grade), Earth Wellness Festival (5th grade), and Nutrition Kits (K-5th grades). These programs meet LPS, Nebraska and/or national education standards.

After-School Programs: 40 Lincoln after-school/summer site programs have incorporated 4-H projects and/or county fair exploration activities into their programs.

4-H Embryology Web Site: EGG Cam and other resources at 4h/embryology.

Volunteers: Volunteers are the heart of 4-H. Adult leaders partner with youth members to complete projects. Volunteers are also invaluable in presenting educational events and other 4-H opportunities.

4-H Year in Review!

2018 4-H Achievement Celebration Results

In 2017, Lancaster County 4-H engaged 35,946 youth through clubs, school enrichment and after-school programs. 1,946 adults volunteered. Lancaster County, 4-H is a cooperative effort between University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension and the Lancaster County government.

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