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Insects, Spiders, Mice & More. . . Identify Your Pest

If you can identify your pest, you can make better decisions about control.

Mistaken Identify: It isn't unusual for people to refer to millipedes as "wireworms". In fact "wireworms" is a term commonly used by local residents when they are referring to millipedes. If you need to choose a control option for one of these pests, it is important to know which pest you really have!


Wireworms (photo above).

Millipedes (photo right)


By working with your local Extension staff, you'll get the correct identification and be able to choose the most effective control options.

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The educational resources on this site are valid for southeastern Nebraska. They may or may not apply in your area. The insects, spiders and wildlife found in your area may or may not be found in this region.

If you need help identifying a specific pest, and live outside of southeastern Nebraska, contact your local Extension office. If your local staff does not provide diagnostic services, ask to visit with the specialist at your state land grant University.

To Find Your Local university Extension Office - VISIT HERE.

Lancaster County, Nebraska residents are encouraged to call, email or stop by the Extension office to have their pests identified--free.

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