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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

UNL Extension in Lancaster County

Horticulture & Pest Management Staff Resources

UNL Extension in Lancaster County Horticulture & Pest Management Staff Resources

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County
444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68528 (Map)
Ph: 402-441-7180 | Fax: 402-441-7148 | E-mail:
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NOTE: E-mails will be responded to as quickly as possible, but you still may not receive a response for several days. If you need assistance sooner, please call 402-441-7180
Sarah Browning

Sarah Browning, Extension Educator

Sarah's primary responsibility is the horticulture area which includes the lawn, garden, trees, shrubs and landscape. Sarah works with the general public and members of the commercial horticulture industry. She speaks to a variety of audiences. Sarah appears regularly on local radio and television. She contributes a weekly article to the Lincoln Journal Star which appears in the Sunday edition.

Horticulture Web site

Mary Jane Frogge

In addition to responding to horticulture questions from consumers, Mary Jane's responsibilities include the Master Gardener program and youth gardening. She is also section editor for the horticulture area of the NEBLINE newsletter.

Horticulture Web Site


Horticulture Call-in Hours & Diagnostic Resources:

If you live outside of Lancaster County, Nebraska or southeastern Nebraska - contact your local extension office.

For local residents:

Horticulture staff are available for phone calls 8 a.m. - noon, Monday-Friday excluding holidays. Master Gardener volunteers are also available for calls during the growing season.

Diagnostic services are available during regular office hours. If a home visit is required, a nominal fee is charged. *Home visits available to Lancaster County residents only.

You may also take your samples to the Diagnostic Lab on UNL's East Campus.

Pest Management
Soni Cochran

In addition to managing the extension office Web site, Soni supports the Pest Management area. This includes urban pests found in and around the home and wildlife. She works directly with consumers and speaks to youth and adult audiences. Soni has partnered with Barb Ogg, Emeritus on the development of resources and appears regularly on local radio.

Insects, Spiders, Mice & More Web site

Pest Management
Diagnostic Services

*Pest Call-in Hours & Diagnostic Resources:

Staff are available for phone calls during regular office hours.

Diagnostic services are available to Lancaster County residents during regular office hours.

You may also take your samples to the Diagnostic Lab on UNL's East Campus.

Karen Wedding

Karen primarily supports the Agriculture & Acreages, and Pest Management program areas. She is also responsible for Lancaster Education Center registrations.

Deanna Covault

In addition to her duties as receptionist, Deanna supports the Horticulture and Urban Agriculture program areas.