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Can You Guess It?? Feature

This page was updated on May 18, 2008

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The Can You Guess It?? photo shown above is featured in the June 2008 Nebline Newsletter

ANSWER: Baskets of Vegetables For Sale at a Farmers' Market in Lincoln, Nebraska

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates over 1,000,000 people visit a Farmers' Market weekly! More than 20,000 farmers use Farmers' Markets to sell to consumers. The average supermarket produce travels about 2,000 miles to its destination, compared to 50 miles for Farmers' Market produce!

Farmers' Markets are a great place to shop and to get some exercise! Enjoy walking around the market! Have fun looking at all the produce and goodies! Got kids or grandkids? Take them along!

Bring some cash or money saving coupons — vendors may not accept checks or credit cards in some areas. Take your own canvas or net bags or baskets, as Farmers' Markets don't usually have shopping carts. Dress comfortably! Weather can change fast, so keep a jacket and umbrella in the car in case of wet weather. Wear comfortable shoes if you have to walk a lot.

On warm days, the quality of unrefrigerated fruits and vegetables can decline from morning to afternoon. However, you might get a great deal at the end of the day!

Aim to buy foods you'll eat now when they are fresh. Select an amount you can use within a short time, especially, if you won’t need it right away.

Source: The Garden Grocery Food Safety & Selection at the Farmers' Market

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