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Can You Guess It??

This photo was featured in the May 2011 NEBLINE Newsletter

April Can You Guess It?? Photo

ANSWER: Chicken Eggs: Breeds Brahama and Araucona

Chicks hatched on 4-H EGG Cam

These eggs hatched on 4-H EGG Cam during spring 2011 (photo of chicks right). The small brown eggs are from bantam Brahama chickens. The one green egg is from an Araucona. 4-H EGG Cam is currently incubating heritage turkey eggs.

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Here is information about the Brahama and Araucona breeds from Oklahoma State University Extension:

Brahma: The ancestry of the Brahma traces back to China although much of their development took place in the U.S. between 1850 and 1890. Good Brahmas are beautiful, stately birds. Their large size and gentle nature combined with intricate color patterns makes them favorites for the country estate. The Brahma's appearance in the showroom never fails to command the admiration of one and all. These qualities have made them a favorite with showmen and fanciers. Brahmas do go broody and are fairly good mothers. Their small comb and wattles, together with profuse feathering and well feathered shanks and toes enable them to stand cold temperatures very well. The relatively slow rate of growth and long time required to reach maturity have caused Brahmas to be passed by as a commercial fowl.

Araucanas: These fowls were discovered in South America. A few were brought to the U.S. but have been crossed with other chickens so much so that characteristics of size, shape, etc., were dispersed. The trait of laying blue or greenish eggs persisted and now breeders are attempting to standardize the physical makeup of the population and gain them recognition as a breed. Some of the Araucanas were rumpless and possessed some interesting ear tufts. Probably at some time in the future, these fowls will be developed into an interesting breed with both economic and ornamental attributes.

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