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Protecting sprouting tuips and daffodils with chicken wire

Can You Guess It??

This photo was featured in the April 2011 NEBLINE Newsletter

April Can You Guess It?? Photo

ANSWER: Using Chicken Wire to Protect Spring Flowers from Rabbits

As you get ready to plant your gardens, plan ahead to prevent rabbit damage. One of the best ways to protect your backyard garden or berry patch from rabbits, is to put up a fence. The fence doesn’t have to be tall or especially sturdy. A 2-foot fence of chicken wire with the bottom stretched tight should be sufficient. Better yet, bury the fence a couple of inches to keep rabbits from digging under it. Be sure the mesh has 1 inch squares or smaller, so young rabbits can’t squeeze through it. Tulips are one of the favorite plant foods for rabbits. A dome or cage of chicken wire secured over a small flower bed will allow vulnerable plants like tulips to get a good start before they are big enough to leave unprotected.

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