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earth wellness festival

Lancaster County 4-H & Youth Programs

This site was last updated January 7, 2014

earth wellness festival

On-line Volunteer Registration

earth wellness festival

students learning about wildlife at earth wellness festival

"Educating Future Stewards of the earth"

On-line Volunteer Registration for earth wellness festival

Use the following on-line form to register to be a classroom guide. Get registered early. A limited number of volunteers will be accepted.


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*I can volunteer: (Please check all that apply)

Wednesday, March 26 9 am - noon Thursday, March 27- 9 a.m. to noon


Special Thanks to All the Volunteers who Help Support earth wellness festival. We look forward to seeing you again this year!!

earth wellness festival is held annually at Southeast Community College in Lincoln. This year, the festival will be March 26 & 27. Each year, over 250 volunteers take part in earth wellness festival activities. As classroom guides, volunteers are essential to the success of this event. Volunteers receive a festival T-shirt, coffee & rolls, a free lunch and an opportunity to participate in a rewarding volunteer experience. To learn more about the festival, visit HERE

Questions? Contact:

Tonya Bernadt at 402-472-2712 | e-mail