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4-H Achievement Night - 2012

4-H Achievement Night

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A celebration of the 4-H Year

4-H Achievement Night

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County and 4-H Council presented the Lancaster County 4-H Achievement Celebration on Feb. 11. 4-H’ers, 4-H clubs and 4-H leaders were recognized for their 2013 achievements. Shamtastic Clovers 4-H club distributed programs and the Fushion 4-H’ers club led the pledges. Guest Speaker Hayley Thramer, former Husker volleyball player and student coach spoke about sportsmanship. Lancaster County 4-H congratulates all 4-H youth who commit themselves to excellence! We also thank all 4-H volunteers who donate their time and talents to youth!



Presented to 4-H’ers who have completed the most hours of community service. Award recipients receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

Age 14 and over: Morgan Bodfield, Victoria Garza, Miranda Gunnerson, Austin Hurt, Brooke Kreikemeier, Kylee Plager, Kate Rawlinson, Paige Roach, Sheridan Swotek, Max Wanse

Age 13 and under: Valerie Gabel, Elizabeth Garza, Bailee Gunnerson, Kyle Hurt, Emma Lanik, Bethany Wachter, Addison Wanser, Alyssa Zimmer


Career Portfolios are a record of an individual’s 4-H career. It includes a record of personal growth and leadership experiences related to the knowledge learned, skills gained, and community service/volunteer activities experienced through 4-H. Award recipients receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

County Winners:

  • Abigail Babcock: Consumer & Family Science
  • Morgan Cuttlers: Healthy Lifestyles Education
  • Kayla Humphrey: Consumer & Family Science

Nominated to represent Lancaster County at District competition:

  • Kayla Humphrey: Consumer & Family Science
  • Abigail Babcock: Consumer & Family Science


Each year, Nebraska 4-H selects youth to represent the state at National 4-H Youth Congress based upon the achievements outlined in the 4-H Career Porfolio. Last November, a Lancaster County 4-H’er attended National 4-H Congress (held in Atlanta, Ga.) for the first time since 2001.

  • Sheridan Swotek — represented Nebraska for her Leadership and Citizenship 4-H Career Portfolio. She applied for and was selected as one of 12 youth on the 2013 National 4-H Congress Youth Leadership Team AND one of 10 National 4-H Congress 4-H Youth Entertainers! Congratulations!


The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program is a statewide program which encourages 4-H members to engage in a variety of projects and activities. Every 4-H’er who participates can earn recognition! At the beginning of the 4-H year, youth choose goals from a provided list, and at the end of the 4-H year, complete a report which documents their accomplishments. Youth can progress from Level 1 up to Level 6.

Level 1 - Amethyst: Steven Aden, Abigail Bales, Emma Bales, Hannah Bales, Madelyn Bales, Mindy Bartels, Toby Becker, John Boesen, Chloe Bohaty, Ellie Bunz, Will Bunz, Kali Burnham, Emily Clark, Sarah Cunningham, Sadye Daniell, Celia Faith, Maddie Jackson, Rose Jaros, Grant Johnson, Luke Johnson, Finn Kramer, Sara Kreikemeier, Gemma Larsen, Sarah Logan, Alyse Monismith, Megan Neal, Thomas Neal, Riley Peterson, Eliese Schwinck, Grace Spaulding, Jackson Stander, Jay Stander, Reed Weitz, Madalyn Wells

Level 2 - Aquamarine: Lydia Kramer, Abbie Russman, Madison Schnase, Sydney Schnase, Anna Sump, John Sump, David Swotek, Addison Wanser

Level 3 - Ruby: Ellie Babcock, Nathan Gabel, Valerie Griess, Kayla Humphrey, Galen Kramer, Elizabeth Russman, Bethany Wachter, Riley Weitz

Level 4 - Sapphire: Abigail Babcock, Elizabeth Garza, James Griess, Brooke Kreikemeier, Emma Lanik, Jenna White, Alyssa Zimmer

Level 5 - Emerald: Morgan Cuttlers, Victoria Garza, Paige Roach, Max Wanser


Nebraska 4-H Clubs of Excellence have met the criteria outlined by the State 4-H Office to be considered a “Club of Excellence.” Some of the criteria includes: choose/elect youth officers, have one club project they do together, and complete one community service project.

  • 4-H Explorers
  • Fantastic 4
  • Fusion 4-H’ers
  • Joe’s Clover Knights
  • Lucky Lopers
  • Pick-A-Pig
  • Rabbits R Us
  • Rock Creek Ranchers
  • Rock’n Riders
  • Salt Valley
  • Shamtastic Clovers
  • Super Shamrocks


This January, several Lancaster County 4-H horse youth represented Nebraska at the National 4-H Horse Classic at the 2013 4-H/FFA Western National Roundup in Denver, Colorado.

Team Nebraska — Horse 2nd High Overall State Award: Elli Dearmont, Ivy Dearmont, Sierra Nelson, Kate Rawlinson, Hannah Ronnau, Lexi Wolfe, and 4-H’ers from Douglas/Sarpy and Dawson Counties.

Horse Bowl Team — Overall High Team — National Champions: Elli Dearmont (5th high individual), Ivy Dearmont, Kate Rawlinson (2nd high individual), Hannah Ronnau (6th high individual), Lexi Wolfe — Coached by Kendra Ronnau

Horse Public Speaking — 4th High Individual: Sierra Nelson


Since 1956, Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club has awarded traveling trophies to the top 4-H clubs participating in the Lancaster County Fair. The purpose is to encourage participation in the fair. One category winner is awarded the Wayne C. Farmer memorial cup as the overall Outstanding 4-H Club for the year. Clubs receive points based on all members’ total county fair exhibit and contest placings. The Outstanding 4-H Clubs were also recognized at a Kiwanis meeting.

Category I (membership of 5-7 members): Fantastic 4 (Leader: Jennifer Smith)

Category II (membership of 8-12): Fusion 4-H’ers (Leader: Marsha Prior)

Category III (membership of 13 or more) and winner of the Wayne C. Farmer trophy as overall Outstanding Club: South Prairie Wranglers (Leader: Kendra Ronnau)


Each year, Lancaster County 4-H selects 4-H members to be awarded National Leadership Awards (formerly I Dare You awards) on behalf of the American Youth Foundation. Lancaster County 4-H Council pays the award fees. The award recognizes youth ages 15–18 who strive to be their personal best and make a positive difference in their schools, youth groups, 4-H clubs, and communities. Award recipients receive William H. Danforth’s motivational book I Dare You! Winners: Justin Muehling, Kylee Plager, Paige Roach, Max Wanser


Presented to individuals 14 years of age or older who have excelled in his/her involvement with the Lancaster County 4-H program. Selection is based on participation in a wide variety — and depth of — 4-H activities.

Winners: Sadie Hammond, Kate Rawlinson, Hannah Ronnau


Presented to individuals or organizations who have exhibited consistent and strong support of the Lancaster County 4-H program.

Kathleen Conroy: Kathleen Conroy has been a 4-H volunteer for over 27 years! She began her 4-H career while in high school, leading a sewing club. She eventually became a club leader for her children’s 4-H club. Kath has been a 4-H clothing superintendent at the Lancaster County Fair for approximately 15 years. She also helps with the Style Revue. Kathleen is always willing to go the extra mile in all she does. She helps 4-H’ers sew pillows and jammie bottoms at 4-H workshops, sets up extra sewing sessions in the summer for 4-H’ers who need additional help and presents sewing presentations to individual clubs.


The Lancaster County 4-H program offers a variety of college scholarships to active senior 4-H members.

Lancaster County 4-H Council: Awards six $500 scholarships to active Lancaster County 4-H’ers: Morgan Cuttlers, Sadie Hammond, Justine Nelson, Kate Rawlinson, Hannah Ronnau, Jena Wilson

4-H Teen Council: Awards $250 scholarships to current 4-H’ers who are active in Teen Council: Sadie Hammond

Lane Community: Awards a $200 scholarship to a current 4-H’er who attends Raymond Central High School: Morgan Cuttlers

Lincoln Center Kiwanis: Awards a $1,000 scholarship to current high school senior who is active in 4-H: Hannah Ronnau

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2014 4-H SENIORS:Logan Adair, Brittany Albers, Zachary Albin, Abigayle Applebee, Morgan Applegarth, Chloe Brinson, Chera Brown, Shelby Bruss, Spencer Caldwell, Marissa Carlson, Mikaela Carstens, Callie Christensen, Liza Christensen, Morgan Cuttlers, Caitlin Davis, Allison Densberger, Julianna Densberger, Charles Dowd, Jared Eucker, Nicole Finkner, Sydney Giebler, Kylie Goering, Aidan Graybill, Kahdijah Green, Kayla Grote, Sadie Hammond, Rachel Hansen, Jamie Hansen, Jordan Hansen, Mackenzie Haszard, Makayla Hayes, Cory Henrickson, Aaron Henrickson, Anna Heusinger, Sarah Hollenbeck, Becky Hooper, Antonio Hoover, James Hytrek, Rachel Johnson, Elsa Johnson, Breann Johnston, Marta Jonson, Kourtney Kempkes, Grace Kim, Skyler Kinney, Kelsie Koch, Megan Latture, Jordan Lebsack, Victoria Malina, Peter Masinelli, Isaac Maytum, Anna Meckel, Skylar Melbye, Mattison Merritt, Danielle Meyer, Jared Michl, Jordan Nelson, Justine Nelson, Elizabeth Norton, Nicole Oestmann, Bailee Peters, Bailey Peterson, Caitlin Peterson, Haylie Pointer, James Preston, Justin Preston, Kate Rawlinson, Ben Rice, Hannah Ronnau, Megan Salmen, Liz Schreiber, Brennen Settles, Conner Smith, Jaidin Stonacek, Abigail Swanson, Stella Uiterwaal, Hannah Vorderstrasse, Rebecca Wehling, Baxter Whitla, Anna Wilkens, Jena Wilson, Eric Wimer, Mackenzie Wolfe, Syndi Ziemke

3 YEAR MEMBERS:Kaitlyn Aberg, Shannon Alexander, Libby Anthony, Makenzie Asher, Anna Baack, Austin Barber, Cassandra Barber, Nicholas Bauman, Jacob Becker, Emma Black, Abby Blankenbiller, Paige Blankenbiller, Anya Bogen, Lilian Bogle, Trinity Bohaty, Katie Borcherding, Paige Borcherding, Ashley Bredthauer, Jillian Brummer, Ben Brunsman, Bree Brunsman, Hope Buescher, Michaela Bunz, Kelsey Burkey, Kieran Burkey, Kyley Burkey, Tanisha Canby, Garret Carter, Miranda Ceja, Martha Costin, William Costin, Ella Cowan, Sarah Cunningham, Aleyna Cuttlers, Jennifer Daharsh, Sadye Daniell, Eva Daniell, Alexandra Danson, Calvin Dao, Jaelyn Dicke, Drew Doak, Gracie Downing, Knox Downing, Lydia Duffy, Mandy Duffy, Samantha Duffy, Tiszon Effle, Leah Egeberg, Thaddeus Fonck, Alexandria Fonck, Jacob Friesen, Brianna Gable, Ella Gerlach, Kayla Grote, Sydney Gubbels, Kasha Hall, Alie Hausmann, Aubrey Hayes, Kenzy Hayes, Sydney Hayes, Ray Heidelberg, Brett Heinrich, Constance Hemmer, Justin Hennessy, Megan Hoesing, Hannah Hoge, Nicole Hollander, Benjamin Hoover, Camryn Hummel, Adam Hytrek, Catherine Hytrek, Joshua Hytrek, James Hytrek, Isabella Hytrek, Ben Ingracia, Nate Ingracia, John Paul Jansen, Katelyn Jindra, Genevieve Johnson, Breann Johnston, Chandler Kerns, Regina Kohn, Corianna Kubicek, Jordan Languis, John Loudon, Hailee Lynn, Saylor Mack, Easton Martinez, Reicher Martinez, Tuarija Me, Skylar Melbye, Elsa Meyer, Alyse Monismith, Redawai Na, Helen Newell, Robert Newell, Travon Noble, Monica O’Donnell, Thomas O’Donnell, Isaiah Orduna, Derek Oss, Kirsten Oss, Kamryn Pekarek, Dustin Plautz, Shelby Polk, Claire Polk, Sophie Polk, Lexie Rager, Grace Rathman, Lily Reinke, Jacob Robertson, Emily Rogers, Isaac Rogers, John Rogers, Daniel Schafer, Nadia Schafer, Samantha Schlichenmaier, Liz Schreiber, Nicolas Seuferer, Tamisha Sherman, Kaitlin Sidders, Bayne Sieck, Logan Sieck, Kaitlin Smith, Taylor Spatz, Jackson Stander, Shade Stencel, Najazia Stencel, Taylor Stephens, Abby Stephens, Sarah Stepp, Marissa Strokan, Mary Francis Thompson, Patti Kate Thompson, Stacie Thompson, Thomas Tran, Teresa Tran, David Tran, Angie Tran, Helen Tran, Kitty Tran, Dorothy Urbanovsky, Anthony Vinton, Trinity Vinton, Daniel Vinton, Riley Weitz, Reed Weitz, Olivia Wennstedt, Ian Wilshusen, Kalob Worm, Garrett Wurm, Andrew Wurtz, Dominic Wurtz, John Wurtz, Anne Marie Wurtz, Caitlyn Yager, Ellie Yager, Ryan Yakel, Joseph Zabawa

2 YEAR LEADERS: Jesse Andres, Kayla Aurich, Cathy Babcock, Shari Becker, Andrea Boyd, Cassandra Braymen, Tina Brown, Elizabeth Carlson, Rachel Carlson, Christina Chambers, Jenn Cooper, Tammy Cunningham, Elisabeth Cunningham, Ronald Gerdes, Nancy Gerdes, Keri Gilling, Mary Beth Haase, Daniel Hawk, Becky Hutchins, Jennifer Kampfe, Paul Kampfe, Amy Lage, Lyndsay & Lance Maahs, Diane Merrell, Drew Nelson, Doug Petersen, Gail Raddatz, Rob & Barb Robertson, Corbin Schoenberger, Vanessa Schott, Jessica Smith, Amber Soden, Craig Strong, Brett Tomes, Brady Usher, Annie Wegner, Sherry Wolf Drbal

5 YEAR LEADERS: Teresa Brandt, Megan Bredthauer, Jodi Cooper, Patricia Daberkow, Jolene Egelhoff, Craig Gana, Larry Hafer, Jana Hafer, Scott Heinrich, Tracy Holm, Danetta Jensen, Anne Johnson, Connie Kreikemeier, Tammy Mendoza Greenle, Ronna Meyer, Harry Muhlbach, Kelly Neal, Jason Parde, Traci Parde, Nichole Scott, Ben Walbrecht, Denise Walbrecht, Brita Wegrzyn, Michele Wilson, Bridget Zimmerman

10 YEAR LEADERS: Ruth Laue

15 YEAR LEADERS: Jane Dowd, Donna Stading Smith, Amy Vander Woude

20 YEAR LEADER: Donna Bundy, Sheri Ramirez



Regional Speech & PSA Contest - Several Lancaster County 4-H’ers participated in the Southeast Regional Speech and Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contests. The following received purple ribbons.

  • Senior Speech: Renae Sieck (4th place medal), Emma Noel
  • Intermediate Speech: Lily Noel, Addison Wanser, Alyssa Zimmer
  • Junior Speech: Grace Spaulding (3rd place medal), Riley Peterson, Emmi Dearmont
  • Senior PSA: Ivy Dearmont (1st place medal), Taylor Nielsen, Max Wanser
  • Intermediate PSA: Nate Becker (1st place medal), Addison Wanser (5th place medal), Jordan Nielsen
  • Junior PSA: Ruby Molini (2nd place medal), Riley Peterson (3rd place medal)

State Fair PSA Contest - Ivy Dearmont — one of top two

State Fair Presentations Contest: The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair Presentations Contest. *Indicates purple ribbon at state:

  • Nathan Becker* & Taylor Nielsen* (team) (a statewide top three Premier Presenter)
  • Max Wanser*


In this statewide contest, teens test their skills in animal science.

Premier Animal Science Events (PASE): In this statewide contest, teens test their skills in animal science.

  • Livestock Judging Senior Team -- Michaela Clowser, Ashtyn Cooper, Renae Sieck, Taylon Lienemann — 5th place overall team, 5th overall in swine, 3rd overall in reasons, 9th overall in sheep and goats, 2nd overall in beef cattle
  • Rachel Johnson (Senior) — 4th place overall individual, 3rd in reasons, 3rd in swine, 4th in sheep and goats
  • Hailey Hula (Intermediate) — 9th place overall Individual

Life Challenge: In this statewide contest, teens test their skills in family and consumer sciences.

  • Child Development Challenge Team: Mary Dowd, Maddie Gabel, Anne Greff, Jaime Stephenson — 3rd place overall, winner Best Moral of the Story
  • Entrepreneurship Challenge Team: Mary Dowd, Valerie Gabel, Anne Greff, Peter Greff — 4th place Create A Business Concept


  • Abigail Babcock — Horticulture Contest - Senior (9th place), Tree ID Contest - Senior (9th Place)
  • Cole Cooper — Market Sheep (Grand Champion), Hampshire Market Lambs (Champion), Lamb Carcass (Champion)
  • Hannah Esch — Market Heifer (Champion)
  • Cassie Meyer — Dog Skill-A-Thon - Intermediate (2nd Place)
  • Emma Noel — Horticulture Contest - Intermediate (4th place)
  • Lily Noel — Horticulture Contest - Intermediate (1st place)
  • Shelby Tachovsky — Top Quilted Exhibit - Level 1 (one of top 2)
  • Caitlyn Walbrecht — Breeding Beef Commercial (Champion)
  • Emma Whaley — Companion Animal Best of Show; Cat Class (1st Place)
  • Ashtyn Cooper, Cole Cooper, Emma Lanik, Madalyn Scott, Riley Scott, Jackson Settles (Lancaster County Large Group) — Sheep Herdsmanship (2nd Place)

STATE FAIR FASHION SHOW & SHOPPING IN STYLE: The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair Fashion and Shopping in Style Contests. *Indicates purple ribbon at state:

  • Fashion Show: Sarah Albin, Chloe Hammond, Sadie Hammond*, Kylee Plager*, Sheridan Swotek*
  • Shopping in Style: Paige Roach*

Sadie Hammond’s Fashion Show dress was selected for display at the Robert Hillestand Textile Gallery on UNL East Campus last October, and she will model it during Omaha Fashion Week on Student Night, March 4.


The Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Stock Show has competitors from eight states. The following local youth earned purple ribbons. (Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Horse Show top placings were recognized at Horse Awards Night)

  • Morgan Bodfield — 2 Rabbits
  • Cole Cooper — Market Lamb Showmanship, Market Lamb
  • Peyton Goracke — Feeder Calf Steer - Overall (Reserve Champion), Feeder Calf Steer
  • Ian Maahs — 2 Rabbits
  • Cassie Meyer — Dairy
  • Lily Reineke — Rabbit
  • Madelyn Scott — Market Lamb Showmanship (3rd overall), 2 Market Lambs
  • Riley Scott — Market Lamb Showmanship (5th overall), 2 Market Lambs
  • Corby Vrbka — 2 Rabbits

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