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Garbology for Second Graders in Lancaster County, Nebraska


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Garbology - A 4-H School Enrichment Program

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What is Garbology?

Welcome to the world of solid waste management. Although the topic may not sound exciting, it is one of today's most pressing problems. We live in a throwaway society.

Making PaperYou, as educators, can make a large impact by helping children understand that waste is a big problem.

This solid waste management curriculum is designed to help children become aware of garbage and realize that waste doesn't magically disappear once it hits the trash barrel. The activities lead to action and commitment on the part of the student.

This program is designed for the second grade curriculum though it may be used in the third grade if the second grade does not participate.

For Schools in Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska:

The Garbology 4-H School Enrichment project is divided into these areas:

  1. What is Waste?
  2. Where Does Waste Come From?
  3. Where Does Waste Go?
  4. What Can We Do About Waste?

The Garbology Educational Kit includes activities. It is sectioned to meet Nebraska State Science Standards activities that can be integrated into language arts, math, science and social studies.

Included with the curriculum are a glossary and background, information on the production and recycling methods for steel, glass, aluminum, paper and other materials.

Garbology is sponsored by:

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County and the City of Lincoln Recycling Division. These agencies provide:

  • Classroom Presentation
  • Teacher training
  • Garbology Education Kit
  • Teacher curriculum guide with activities
  • Supplemental resource materials and supplies
  • Video tapes, books
  • Paper making supplies

For After-School Programs in Lincoln and Lancaster County:

4-H School Enrichment Trash to Treasure offers:

  • Educational kits and presentations
  • Grades K-5 curriculum, activities, and supplemental supplies


For more information on Garbology for Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska schools, contact Teri Hlava

To learn more about other school enrichment programs offered by UNL Extension in Lancaster County, visit HERE


For more information on Garbology for Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska schools, contact Teri Hlava

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