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Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County

4-H Embryology: 4-H EGG Cam

Updated March 29, 2015

These Japanese Quail eggs (coturnix) should hatch March 31. It takes only 17 days for the birds to hatch. This is a special hatch after we received a gift of fertilized eggs. Learn more about Coturnix Quail. Make sure you watch with us. Our local third grade classrooms have incubators and will soon be starting the final session of the 2015 4-H Embryology School Enrichment Project. Visit here for resources on incubation, candling and more.

New Poster!

Just finished a poster showing how fast chickens grow for use by 3rd graders learning embryology in Lincoln, Nebraska classrooms. You can also download download this poster free - it is 17"x22" color poster. Download and view/print here.

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For information and resources on incubating chicks, visit HERE.


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